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Faces in Places: Lady Southpaw

Lady Southpaw

Lady Southpaw

Your Name: Erin Sholl A.K.A. Lady Southpaw

Your Occupation: Musician

Your Town: Brooklyn, NY

When & why did you start running? I started running in college during the summer when I couldn’t use the gym. It was a simple way to stay in shape. A year ago I did an event with Team in Training (TNT) which is when I started racing and becoming more serious about it.

Favorite local running route: Now that the weather is getting warmer I like to run to the promenade along the New York bay. It goes under the Verrazano bridge and has an amazing view of the water and lower Manhattan. I run down the 69th St pier at the entrance of the promenade in the YouTube video I made last year while fund raising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Favorite local race: Brooklyn Half Marathon

Favorite out-of-town running place/route: Running is definitely something I love to do when traveling as a way to connect to a new place. My favorite of all time was when I was studying abroad Rome, Italy. I lived near to the Gianicolo, a huge hill with a park at the top and a breath taking view of the eternal city.

Favorite out-of-town race: The only out-of-town race I’ve run was the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. It was fantastic.

iPod while running? If so, what artists? The past couple years I have been doing a ton of running with music in order to write songs that fit perfectly into the experience. Running and music are my two favorite things and they go so well together. There are so many natural rhythms happening in the body as you run and music releases pleasure chemicals in the brain that make running feel better.  I could talk about this subject all day which is why I started a blog about it called “Running Rocks.”

I have been listening to a lot of Hendrix since my marathon because there was a woman playing his covers that got me through the toughest part. I also like “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” by Green Day, “Half Cocked Concepts,” by P.O.S. and “My Pad & Pen,” by Blackalicious. Although lately I am mostly testing out my own song experiments to see what works.

Favorite pre-run/race fuel? Chocolate Outrage GU

Favorite post-run./race fuel? Chocolate milk. Hello my name is Erin and I am a chocoholic.

Favorite people to run with? Running with TNT last year was a life changing experience. I learned so much and made so many running buddies that way. That’s where I met my friend Jess. We still run together almost every week.

Lady Southpaw & Jess

Lady Southpaw & Jess

Running heroes? Possibly due to all the Nike propaganda I get, my favorite elite is Kara Goucher. In fact I did a running lady sketch for my website that was based on Kara running the New York marathon last year (arm warmers included.)

Kara Goucher

Kara Goucher

Place (or race) you’d like to one day run? ING New York Marathon of course!

Favorite running experience/anecdote? I used to have a favorite treadmill at a 25th floor gym in midtown Manhattan facing the window with an amazing view.  It was my morning sanctuary before going into an unsatisfying marketing job.  One day another regular on a neighboring machine asked me out.  I had seen him there for about two years without ever talking to him; now we’ve been together over two years!

Currently training for: I have been getting in my nine New York Road Runners races this year to qualify for the NY marathon in 2010. This includes the Brooklyn Half at the end of the month.

Why run? I recently wrote a song called “Why I Run.” It was inspired by testimonials of TNT team mates running for friends and family members with cancer.  It got me thinking about who gives me strength while I’m running and the person I thought of was my father.  He is a lifelong athlete with incredible work ethic.  I guess he’s really my running “hero.”  It’s something I can always work to improve at, it regulates my schedule, my weight, my energy levels and my moods.  Another reason I love both running and singing is because they both force you to breath deeply and be in the moment.  Running is a body, mind and spirit connecting experience I can have in my life on an almost daily basis.


Lady Southpaw is looking for runners to try out her songs and give her some feed back.  If you would like to try a free song please write to her at

The Songs for Running will be released for sale around the end of this summer. You can get the Lady Southpaw self titled E.P. (which is not written for running) on iTunes:


Faces in Places: Pat Early

Pat Early at the Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Pat Early at the Rock N Roll Half Marathon

Your Name: Pat Early

Your Occupation: Engineer

Your Town: Fredericksburg, VA

When & why did you start running? To get in shape and wanted to run the 2003 Rock n Roll ½ in Va. Beach. After completing the race I’ve been hooked on running ever since.

Favorite local running route: The quarry trails is F’burg. These are an awesome set of trails along the Rappahannock river in F’burg. These all dirt trails have a little bit of everything: hills, scenic overlooks, one trail even includes a tunnel underneath I95.

Favorite local race: The Fredericksburg Area Running Club (FARC) organizes a Grand Prix series each year that includes a number of great races around historic F’burg. Last year F’burg also hosted the inaugural Marine Corps ½  Marathon and it was a blast.

Favorite out-of-town running place/route: Seashore State Park, Virginia Beach

Favorite out-of-town race: I enjoy traveling to different races.

iPod while running? No

Favorite pre-run/race fuel? Clif Bar

Favorite post-run./race fuel? Smoothie or Slurpee

Favorite people to run with? Running group in F’burg

Running heroes? Enjoy watching all the elites from past and present.

Place (or race) you’d like to one day run? Disney’s “Goofy’s race” (1/2 marathon on Saturday, Marathon on Sunday)

Currently training for: 2009 Shamrock Marathon, attempting to qualify for Boston

Why run? To stay in shape, relieve stress, run races, meet people/socialize, help influence others to live a healthy lifestyle.


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