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Welcome to the new Races In Places!

Out of winter hibernation, we decided to move to a new address, redo the blog format and start recruiting new contributors.  We hope all of our previous readers will follow us here and continue to contribute their running experiences to this community.

We are also expanding…

We are now on Twitter!  Please add us if you are too! You can also still find us on MySpace as well as Facebook where you can follow the blog courtesy of NetworkedBlogs (just click in the box to the right of this post).

As the sun thaws the northern hemisphere and the cold sets into the southern, we wish you happy running, and encourage you to share your experiences with us here.  This is meant to be a community blog, not just thoughts from one person, so please consider contributing by emailing us at

Happy running & world traveling!



Facebooking it

Races in Places would like to give a shout out to a new running community that is picking up a lot of activity on Facebook. Simply called “Running,” this page as of posting today has almost 300 members and an active discussion board with threads relating to gear, places to run, shoe recommendations, and many other relevant topics.

If you are a member of Facebook, I suggest you check out the page and become a “fan,” and post the link to your profile (click here). Running is often so much easier with the support and inspiration of others, be it strangers or friends!

Of course while you’re logged on, check out the Races in Places fan page (click here). Become a “fan,” post it to your profile, and start a discussion!

Together, we can explore the world (and the internet) one mile at a time!


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