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Passport to Run: Spain part 4: Liais

by JuliaHart

Near the city of Oruense is the small town of Liais and here there is a spa hotel with pools to take the water.  It is right on the Rio Mino which is beautiful.  There is a small track/trail in the grass that runs in front of the hotel and I immediately thought it would be a good place to try to run.  Yesterday morning Becky and I went down the path which connects with a path to a station and had several other roads leading off it.  We went 2K down the path then ran up to the main road.  Up here near a bridge it looked like West Virginia with all the different types of trees and the mountains covering the horizon.  Another runner in our group said he found a path to the top of the mountain.  I am not that fast or strong but I am jealous, he must have had a great view from the top!!! This church is at the end of this run.

Run hard but not too fast to enjoy the scenery!!

2009-5-07--Spain Liais 3

2009-5-07--Spain Liais 4

2009-5-07--Spain Liais 2

2009-5-07--Spain Liais 1


Passport to Run: Spain part 3: Betanzos

by JuliaHart

I got to run a few days in Betanzos.  Betanzos is one of my favorite places in Galicia.  There people are so nice here, the town is beautiful, has lots of great architecture and is small enough that I figured if I went running I could return to my hotel.  However, for safety, I stopped by team member Becky’s room to tell her my planned route and to show her I was wearing orange and black.  I ran down to the town square.  I stayed pretty close to the main road.  This town is called the Glass City because of all the galleria windows.  The place looks great in the morning light- which I have learned on this trip is called the magic hour for photographers.  The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset.
2009-5-04--Spain 479
I ran the next day (the day after these photes) with a group of my team members: Kim, Becky and our favorite Betanzoan Angel.  He took us to this great park “A Walk in the World” and we saw the giant stone Lion that looks over the town as well as the caves under the park.  It was pretty dark in there so we did a lot of walking but the place was beautiful.  It was nice to have a local show us a good place to run.  The next day I rean with Becky to a track we had seen the day before.  We did a mile there plus our trip to and back from the track before we had to catch our ride to the next town for the day.  Hopefully after we have gotten enough passport to run essays in people will know the best places to run in every town in the running world!!
Have fun, run hard but not too fast to enjoy the scenery!
Betanzos 1
Betanzos 2

Passport to Run: Spain part 2

Here’s the second round of pics from Julia Hart, Races in Places co-founder currently on a study exchange program in Spain.  She’s running every chance she can, and sending back pics.  I belive these three are from Vigo in Galicia:julie-spain-5

Passport to Run: Spain

Races in Places co-founder Julia Hart is abroad in Spain right now as part of a Rotary Internation Group Study Exchange program.  She is super excited about not only learning about the country, getting to practice her Espanol, but also about running in so many new towns! She emailed me a few pictures from this morning’s run, though unfortunately I don’t know where in Spain this is! She did mention that while she was running in the AM, most runners there run after siesta time.

Here are the pics she sent, hopefully more to follow soon!





Passport to Run: Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg, VA is a quaint Civil War town halfway between Richmond, VA and Washington, DC. Growing every year, some consider it to be the newest suburb of DC. The majority of the charm is located in it’s downtown section, east of I-95. There is fairly big running population and the town has recently made it’s way to the runner’s map thanks to playing host to the Marine Corps Half Marathon.


Kelly Fenton


Former local.


Absolute favorite run is on Lee Drive:

Located just off the intersection of Rt. 3 and Rt. 17 Bus (see map) this road runs through the Fredericksburg Battlefield. Shady with some hills, it stretches 4.5 miles in one direction and is a popular spot for runners, walkers, and bikers. Be careful as there are no sidewalks, but the car traffic is minimal and usually made up of tourists adhering to the 25-35 mph speed limit. There are parking lots along the way and at either end of the drive and one major street intersection that make it easy to divide up a run anywhere between a short 4 miler or long 9 miler. I always feel safe as it’s usually just populated enough and there is the occasional patrolling park ranger. If you’re out for just an easy run, indulge in some of the historical placards along the way!

Insiders tip: If you start at the far end of the drive, run up to the cross street and back; that’s around 4 miles with only slight hillage. Alternately, start at the top of the drive right off of Rt. 17, run to the same cross street (there’s only one cross street) and back with a pretty steep hill at the end; that’ll give you around 5 miles.

Another great place is Pratt Park (see map.) Sandwiched between River Rd and the Falmouth YMCA, this park has a giant loop that runs about a mile. In the middle are playing fields that can get pretty busy with recreational kid’s sports. For about half the loop you have the option of a paved path or dirt trail (I prefer the dirt). Surrounding the park are woods and if you’re feeling adventurous head out for trail running on the far end of the park and the woods will connect you to the next park over, Brooks Park. I usually head here when I just want to run in circles. For the most part the loop is flat, though there is a slight incline at the far wooded side.

Insiders tip: The main entrance and parking lot is located off of River Drive, but can often get crowded, supposedly there’s a fee-collector for non-residents and if it’s rained recently, River Dr. gets flooded. Try accessing the park via the YMCA. Turn off of Butler road into the YMCA’s parking lot but follow the dirt road past the water park and at the end of the road to the left you’ll see a little informal space for parking. There’s a break in the fence where you can enter the loop. But don’t take a clean car- it will most certainly get dirty from the dust and/or any mud from recent rains.

I would also recommend just running through downtown Fredericksburg. The town is based off a grid system but is pretty small, so don’t expect a super long run. It’s a safe place so have fun turning where you feel like, finding your way along the Rappahannock River, and admire the beautiful old houses. Or take a look at a map beforehand and create a route that takes you up to Mary Washington University’s Battleground Athletic Complex located off of Sunken Drive (and offering a tasty hill to run up) which can add some mileage if you run around the fields. There’s also pull-up bars, etc. if you want to through in some strength training.


There are a LOT of races offered by the Fredericksburg Area Running Club (FARC). I’m partial to the July 4th Heritage 5 miler and the Thanksgiving Day 5k Turkey Trot. Both of these take you through downtown Fredericksburg which I always love running through.

Last spring was the Inaugural Marine Corps Half Marathon which was fantastic.


My favorite is Castiglia’s Italian Restaurant. There’s several locations now, but go to the original on William’s Street in downtown Fredericksburg. I love the bruschetta and pizza!


Treat yourself to a tasty soft serve ice cream at famous Carl’s Ice Cream located at 2200 Princess Anne St. in downtown Fredericksburg. There’s almost always a line, but it’s worth the wait. My fave is a simple chocolate sugar cone!


VA Runner in Central Park (a huge shopping complex) is great with a knowledgeable staff who can help solve most running apparel problems.


Fredericksburg Area Running Club (FARC) sponsors the majority of the races in Fredericksburg. Give them a call for all questions related to running in Fredericksburg.


There’s a TON of historical things to see and do. In fact that’s about all there is to do. Skip the shopping unless it’s for antiques. In that case, and regardless, roam the streets of downtown Fredericksburg. Hit up Washington Avenue (huge Civil War homes!), visit Kenmore, the Rising Sun Tavern, then head to Hyperion for a coffee (cash only!). After your pick-me-up browse the shops on Caroline Street– my favorite is the Griffin Bookstore, then maybe stop into Sammy T’s for lunch (great vegetarian and vegan options). Finally head down the Rappahanock River and hang out in Old Mill Park.


Official Website of Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg Tourist Center

Kelly Fenton is a back-of-the-pack runner who has completed 6 marathons and many smaller races over three continents. A current resident of NYC, Kelly composes music for her band the Bottomless Cup Jazz Orchestra and blogs about comic books at Bottomless Cup.

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