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Passport to Run: Spain part 3: Betanzos

by JuliaHart

I got to run a few days in Betanzos.  Betanzos is one of my favorite places in Galicia.  There people are so nice here, the town is beautiful, has lots of great architecture and is small enough that I figured if I went running I could return to my hotel.  However, for safety, I stopped by team member Becky’s room to tell her my planned route and to show her I was wearing orange and black.  I ran down to the town square.  I stayed pretty close to the main road.  This town is called the Glass City because of all the galleria windows.  The place looks great in the morning light- which I have learned on this trip is called the magic hour for photographers.  The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset.
2009-5-04--Spain 479
I ran the next day (the day after these photes) with a group of my team members: Kim, Becky and our favorite Betanzoan Angel.  He took us to this great park “A Walk in the World” and we saw the giant stone Lion that looks over the town as well as the caves under the park.  It was pretty dark in there so we did a lot of walking but the place was beautiful.  It was nice to have a local show us a good place to run.  The next day I rean with Becky to a track we had seen the day before.  We did a mile there plus our trip to and back from the track before we had to catch our ride to the next town for the day.  Hopefully after we have gotten enough passport to run essays in people will know the best places to run in every town in the running world!!
Have fun, run hard but not too fast to enjoy the scenery!
Betanzos 1
Betanzos 2

Passport to Run: Spain part 2

Here’s the second round of pics from Julia Hart, Races in Places co-founder currently on a study exchange program in Spain.  She’s running every chance she can, and sending back pics.  I belive these three are from Vigo in Galicia:julie-spain-5

Passport to Run: Spain

Races in Places co-founder Julia Hart is abroad in Spain right now as part of a Rotary Internation Group Study Exchange program.  She is super excited about not only learning about the country, getting to practice her Espanol, but also about running in so many new towns! She emailed me a few pictures from this morning’s run, though unfortunately I don’t know where in Spain this is! She did mention that while she was running in the AM, most runners there run after siesta time.

Here are the pics she sent, hopefully more to follow soon!






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